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I Don't Want To Read Anything! I Don't Need Information - I Just Want To Make Money
By Hal Archer



I Don't Want To Read Anything!
I Don't Need Information - I Just Want To Make Money!

Does this sound familiar to you? It does to me. Unfortunately, there seems to be an attitude of - "Just give me the stuff to make money with. I don't need to know all that stuff about building an opt-in list. Creating my own product etc. Forget all that crap, just let me start making money."

OK, so I give you a web site, a product and a killer sales letter -- and you fail.

Now, you say it wasn't your fault. The web site, product and sales letter wasn't any good. If they would have been any good, you wouldn't have failed. Right?

It doesn't matter that you didn't know anything about the product I gave you. You didn't care, you just wanted to sell it and pocket the money.

It doesn't matter that you didn't know what market should be targeted.

It doesn't matter that you didn't have an opt-in list.

It didn't matter that you didn't try to learn about marketing a product.

No, none of this mattered.

The Internet is at fault. You can't make money on the Internet.

Don't pay any attention to the fact that several Internet marketers became wealthy because of Internet marketing before they were 30.

No, none of that matters.

You didn't make money and you quit because the Internet just isn't any good for making money.

I agree, it's not any good for making money. UNLESS you pay your dues. You learn - you study - you absorb - you listen to people who are successful and you copy them.

You buy books - you read books and you apply the knowledge you get from them. INFORMATION - there is no substitute for it.

I have built three successful off-line and one on-line business from scratch. I was not an expert in any of these types of businesses when I started them.

But, I became an expert in each of them, by reading and studying everything I could about them. This is the secret to success. Knowledge! You must have it. If you donít learn - you donít earn. Guaranteed!

It's been said that if you read one hour every day on a particular subject for a year - you become an expert on that subject.

So if you wish to be a success on the Internet or anywhere else, get all the information you can. Read and absorb. If you don't, you have only yourself to blame for failure.

If you do read and absorb all that you can, you can take all the credit for your success.

--May you always walk in sunshine,

--Hal Archer

About the Author

Hal Archer has written many published articles and is known
for his marketing skills, having built successful businesses
both online and offline. He can teach anyone how to earn a
full-time living on the Internet.

Visit Hal's website for free information, e-books and free
e-courses on making a guaranteed monthly income:

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