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8 Simple Steps To Become A Super Affiliate
By Vincent Yeoh



8 Simple Steps To Become A Super Affiliate

Do you join any affiliate programs or you own an affiliate program? There are so many affiliates that promote the same products and have same websites as you. furthermore the same place to advertise because we had follow the marketing systems suggested by the affiliate program owners

So, How? How you can compete with millions of your competitors? Impossible?

I will show how in today topic.

Step 1 Create your own 5 to 6 pages content rich mini site

If you are serious and want to success in online business, your own website is a must. It will let your customers feel that you are more professional compare to your competitors.

Remember, don't create a website that only have a bundles of links without any content and free resources that can help your customers.

You can find the low cost or FREE webhost in my website.

Step 2 Create a free internet course or ezines (Opt-in Lists)

You must learn how to create your own ezines to build your personnel opt-in lists. Most of the customers won't buy anything in their first time visit to your website. AS a result you must collect their contact informations for further follow up by ezines.

Step3 Autoresponder

This is a must tool that a need to have. Get your free account at getresponse and FreeAutobot. You can set 5 to 6 follow up emais when your visitors subscribe to your ezines.

Step 4 Get Targeted website traffics from PPC

I highly recommend that you must invest in Pay Per Click Search Engine especially Google Adwords. Why so many affiliates fail to earn money because they over concentrate on some Free Traffics tools.

Step 5Prepare your site too be Indexed by Search Engine and Get High Ranking

Most of my visitors come from PPC and Search Engine. I advise all the online marketers concentrate in how to prepare a site that can get high ranking in Search Engine. Start to write your own Meta Tags, Keywords and improve your keywords density.

Step 6 Write and submit your articles

Write your own articles and submit it daily or weekly. Here are some tools to help me and submit your articles. Learn from this directory and see how the other people write their articles.

Step 7 Build Your Own Blog & RSS

Blogging & Pinging is the Latest way to get website traffics and also is a secret weapon For Your website to get high ranking in Search Engine. It is FREE and easy to learn. After set up your Blog Account, go to FeedBurner and Ping-O-Matic to announce your Blog.

Step 8 Final Secret Weapon

There are so many way for you to become a super affiliate and boost your income in online business. The the most important things you must have is 'PERSISTENT". You must be patient in this business and never say die.

Wish you all good luck in your business! Have a nice day.
About the Author

Webmaster of Make REAL Money At Home Business You can find the click bank sign up page here and my Highly recommended Program here:

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