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8 Most Popular Online Degree Programs
By Donna Monday



We now live in a world where any kind of information imaginable is at our fingertips. For those looking to better their careers, earning an online degree, or certificate, offers the convenience of an accredited educational experience that would have been unavailable to them in the past.

While there are many courses of study available online, a few really stand out as popular choices for people seeking career advancement and personal fulfillment.

Accounting Degree – Accounting degrees are widely sought these days. Corporations especially need good accountants to avoid Enron type scandals.

MBA Degree – The prestige and pure earning power of an MBA degree will never go out of style.

Psychology Degree – Despite Tom Cruise’s dislike for psychology, there are plenty of people who wish to study and practice psychology. Online study is particularly convenient to earn advanced psychology degrees.

Nursing Degree – With millions of Baby Boomers hitting their golden years, nurses will continue to be sorely needed to fill all kinds of health care vacancies.

Health Administration Degree – Health Administration is another growing field. Management professionals are needed in hospitals, clinics, and health related agencies to work in our often challenging health care environment.

Paralegal Degree – Paralegals or Legal Assistants are always in demand by corporations and law firms. While Paralegals don’t practice law, they are the backbone of any law office or legal department.

Biblical Studies/Seminary Degree – While others take care of the body, some are called to tend to the soul. An accredited degree in religious studies is highly valued amongst faith based communities and congregations.

Graphic Design Degree – For people who love to draw and paint for fun, a Graphic Design degree is the perfect career move. Graphic design can mean designing simple ad layouts to creating sophisticated multimedia presentations.

Don’t sweat it if your career choice isn’t on this list. Most likely, you’ll still be able to take courses online to meet your desired career goals. There is a large variety of choice when it comes to online courses. Take a few moments to investigate the possibilities for professional career advancement now available to you. You really can study from the cozy comfort of your living room. How nice.

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