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7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Become A Super Affiliate Marketer
By Anthony Chambers



7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Become A Super Affiliate Marketer

By: Anthony Chambers

John is a typical working guy in his early 40's. He works a

middle-management job but his prospects for career advancement

are slim. Meanwhile, even with his wife working, it is getting

harder to make financial ends meet each month. There's always

so much month left at the end of the money.

John needs to do something...but What? He cannot afford to quit

his job but with two teenagers, a toddler, a wife, and an

ailing mother to take care of can he afford to keep it?

If the above describes you or someone you know, you have just

discovered the number one reason to become a Super Affiliate



John is not alone. Thousands of people are turning to the Internet

to supplement their income. Affiliate marketing looks like the

vehicle of choice for many of these people. But why?

Read on and you'll discover not just why...but why you cannot

afford to delay becoming an Super Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Marketing means selling other Peoples' products or

services for a commission. Typically, You are paid a commission

for each sale, or even for each sale made by someone you

recruited to do the same.

A Super Affiliate Marketer though is the Super Star of All

Affiliate Marketers. He or She Knows more, sells more,

makes more money, and is usually in the top

15% of all Affiliate Marketers worldwide! The Super affiliate

Marketer typically earns above-average income which is typically

Above US$100,000 per year.

Lets get to it then.

What are the 7 compelling reasons why you should become not just

an affiliate marketer but a Super Affiliate Marketer?

1. You'll Make More Money:

This is easy to guess. People do it for the money...but don't

stop there. Money is just a medium of exchange, so it is not

as simple as that. More specifically, more money represents

more freedom, more choices. More money represents a bigger

house, a better college, a longer and more fulfilling vacation,

nicer clothes, more charity donations, better food, ADSL Internet

connections, not just dial-up.

You get the picture. More money represents what you can do with

more disposable income...and that lies at the heart of the

the matter. That's what people mean when they say "It pays to

learn". Once you learn how to become an affiliate marketer,

you will undoubtedly earn more money.

2. You'll increase your Skill Set:

If you've done a typical job (blue collar or white collar) for

over five years, it is very likely that you have stopped

increasing your skill set. It means you are not learning

anything new.

Online Affiliate Marketing is dynamic. There are always new

technology, new breakthroughs, new ways to reach more people

and sell them. These represent new skill sets to master and

profit from.

Over time, you will become a very skillful and adaptable

Marketer and those skills will become invaluable to you.

Terms such as website monetization, Search engine optimization,

PPC marketing, Sales copy, and Adwords, will quickly become

integral parts of your necessary vocabulary. I once

heard Jim Rohm say something like this.

"The market will reward you appropriately for what you bring

to the table and the more value you bring, the more you will

be rewarded".

That's what separates knowledgeable affiliate marketers from

tire-kicking, online surfers, KNOWLEDGE.

3. You Can Finally Fire Your Boss.

Let's face it. For some of us, our jobs represent an enigma.

We hate it, but we need it. Of course when that happens, it

also means that it will become very challenging to excel in

in that job, and give your best each day.

My advise!

Learn all you can about Affiliate marketing, as quickly as

you can then GET OUT!

If you are doing a job you hate, it is unlikely that things will

get better. That entrepreneurial streak in you won't die.

Don't keep fighting it!

Affiliate Marketing allows you to become an Entrepreneur and

that means NO BOSS! If this strikes a cord in you, then by

all means, make the sacrifice you need to make, spend the time

you need to spend to learn Affiliate Marketing from a reputable


You will be glad you did...eventually anyway. The first six

months out on your own will be rough...but there is a specific

time to make the move. Don't just get up and quit your job

next Monday morning.

Not too long from now though, when you starting earning

cheques, your confidence will grow.

Soon your glee over your email notifications of

" Congratulations! You've made another sale" will give

way to solid confidence with growing monthly cheques from

several sources.

Then, my friend, your life will NEVER BE THE SAME


4. You Will Be Able To Really Help People.

I've found that successful marketers are typically very friendly

and helpful. Their confidence in what know and have achieved

makes them less defensive and more open to people.

If this sounds strange, just wait till you become a successful

Marketer. You'll be hopping into forums to help newbies at

the drop of a hat.

Remember the A-Team with Mr. T and those guys.

That blue-eyed guy, what's his line at the end of each show?

I remember! Here it is: " I love it when a plan comes together"


Sorry if you are under 25, you can't relate, but the idea is this.

When you help people and you see them go out and become

Successful you take a certain pride in their success, because

some of the credit belongs to you, whether they publicly

acknowledge it or not.

You get your rush from helping them succeed.

Now, that won't happen right if you are a student, but

just wait. As your knowledge grows so will your confidence and

your ability and willingness to help. This can happen in any

field of course, not just Affiliate Marketing, but then why not?

You have a worldwide audience of millions of students online

that will need your help.

Besides, imagine your profound pleasure when your favourite

marketing student from the Fiji volunteers to give you a personal

one-week tour of the country during your next vacation.

All the other tourists will indeed eat their hearts out!

5. You Don't Have To Create Your Own Products

Since affiliate marketing means selling other people's products for

a commission, it also means that you really don't have to create

the products or service yourself. You just have to find creative

ways of helping to sell them.

Sounds simple, and it is. Don't worry about things you don't have

to. I sell programmes I like but I stopped writing software codes

longer than I care to reveal. Today, I don't know zilch about

writing software and I don't want to. I hate it! But I love


Affiliate marketing allows you to do what you like best and do it

well. That's how you rise to the top of any field. You MUST


Now, even though you don't create the product, you really should

try to use the product before you sell it. That will always put

you in the position of an expert and people love to buy from

experts who are helpful.

So, since you don't have to make the product you sell, you'll find

a huge list of them waiting for you to sell. Choose the best and

get going. Just get some good training first, so you'll know

what you are doing.

Once you have the skill set of a Super Affiliate Marketer, you

can apply those skills to any product you truly believe in.

Imagine the possibilities?

6. You'll Enjoy Super Star Status:

Ok! You may be looking for fortune...but not necessarily "fame"

too, right?

Just be sure you don't mind a little fame too. You've heard

of the Late Corey Rudl. You heard of Marlon Sanders, Terry Dean,

Dr. Joe Vitale, Mark Joyner, and Willie Crawford.

Who are these guys? They are online Super Affiliate Marketers.

Some of whom have gone on to create their own products and that

is just a short list.

But you get the drift. Becoming well known in marketing circles

is a natural progression. You won't be able to stop that.

But thankfully, you won't attract stalkers either. Those kinds

seem reserved for movie stars and singers.

Seriously though, as you help people, they will begin to tell others.

Then they'll recommend your site, your articles, e-books, and

they may even start to quote you.

People will just talk about you. Pretty soon they'll be coming to

you for tele-conference calls, and asking you to speak at $4500 per

seat ,live events. Be prepared to travel my friend!

You get the picture. Fame will just follow you especially in

online marketing circles. When it happens, just remember that

Anthony Chambers told you so!


Ah! The sound of those two words. Isn't that what we all dream of

and work for? It means many things to many people. For me it means


Never having a boss, and owning enough income-generating assets to

create a positive monthly cash flow that allows me to live debt-free.

Now that's quite a mouthful, but you can pick out the salient points.

No Debts...Affiliate Marketing done right, will help you achieve that.

Positive Cash flow...getting 10 - 15 chegues each month can do that to

a man or woman.

Assets: The foundation of will just happen.

Super Affiliate Marketers can earn between $100,000 - US$1M a year!

Some earn a lot more than that! Shouldn't you be in this field?

I'm pretty confident that if you become an affiliate marketer, with

diligent work you will become a successful Once that happens

you will become financially free as well.

Again, it's just a natural progression.

I think I've come to the end of this article. Now, I know there

are more than 7 reasons to do Affiliate Marketing, but I really

would like you to read my next article when it comes

why risk boring you?

Take care,


About the Author

Anthony Chambers is an online marketer who specializes in helping people earn income through both passive and active marketing methods. He may be reached at:

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