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6 dramatic ways to establish you are an expert.
By David Wakerley



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6 dramatic ways to establish you are an expert.
Copyright © 2002, David Wakerley
eAbundance Marketing

You know what an expert is?

Well ‘X’ is an unknown quality in math right…
And a ‘spurt’ is what drips out of a tap right…

Okay so you know where I am going with this.

You to can be an ‘unknown drip’ in cyberspace.
Everybody has an area of expertise, of knowledge that can be shared with someone else. Here are six dramatic ways to attract people to that knowledge and make you the expert in your field.

1. Actually reply to emails you receive.
Simple I know, but how impressed are you when you receive a prompt reply from a seemingly busy marketer to your question. After receiving a prompt reply I received from a very busy man, I wrote back thanking for the reply and thanking for the insight as to why he was so successful.

He answered his emails!

Action: Reply to all personal emails within a 24 hour period, this works with friends as well, I have kept in contact with friends and family much better since beginning to market on the internet.

2. Create your own technology.
This one technique can give you massive credibility to your prospect. It is simply creating a catchy and professional name to your service or product. Look at the difference between these two advertisements.

a. A Revolutionary change for the future of marketing.

b. Revolutionary M.Y.C. Marketing… changing the future of marketing.

Your mind can run riot here, just create something memorable here that brands your product/service and put it in EVERY ad and email you write. Even though people may not click on that ad, you are gaining significant exposure and building your brand.

3. Have your own domain name.
Enough said. Come ON! $8.95 a year.

4. Write testimonials and recommendations.
Every webmaster and online marketer LOVES testimonials, they are one of the central keys to gaining trust and expert status. They will plaster them all over their website and newsletter, giving themselves and you recognition and prominence in the sometimes surprisingly small world of marketing.

5. Help someone on a message board.
Establish straight away in your business relationships that you are here to help. Any name you have heard of in the world of Marketing is in the business of empowering others to make money. They maintain the impression that they can enable you to earn large amounts of cash by staying in relationship
with them.

Learn something from the big boys. Not all coaches were superstar sportsmen, their gift is teaching and coaching. You may not be a ‘guru’, but you may have the knowledge to allow someone else to become one.

6. Write ‘something’ everyday.
There are many writing courses out there and one common denominator is the fact that they all encourage you to write something consistently every single day. Such a simple idea, but like learning to play an instrument it is the consistent everyday effort that yields the greatest reward. Better a ‘little a lot’ than a ‘lot a little’. The online marketer that tries to write a novel once a month will find themselves frustrated and discouraged, and success will elude them.

These simple 6 principles if put into practice can take your online presence to the next level.


David Wakerley is the editor of the "eAbundance
Marketing,” that exists to empower online
marketers to succeed through Bible based
Marketing Principles and explosive marketing tips.
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(c) 2002-2003 by David Wakerley. This article may be
reprinted freely, provided the author byline remains intact.

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