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5 Ways Of Cash-Boosting Your Affiliate Program
By Mark Flavin



If your affiliate program hasn't been pulling you the traffic and money you have always hoped for, there's something that you need to change. What are the reasons that your affiliate program isn't working as you expected, and at the same time being chosen by affiliates to be endorsed?

Why do famous Internet Marketing gurus taste success in their affiliate programs over and over again generating high profits while yours receive cold responses? Here are a few major key points to unlocking the treasure box:

1. Sales Letter Does your sales letter have a high conversion? A sales copy is what decides whether you earn big money - or not. If you have a sales letter which is hardly convincing and even you couldn't generate sales for yourself, then your affiliates will be spending a lot of their time in vain just because your product simply won't sell and they wouldn't be earning commissions from it.

It is crucial that you need to hook your affiliates with your sales copy, if they are hooked, there's no reason why their subscribers can't be attracted as well.

2. Provide Affiliate Tools Have you ever been given a task and you need to accomplish it right from scrap without any support, any help? Most affiliates will not want to go through such trouble to figure out a whole new strategy for you.

Be more generous in your investments, hire people to do the graphics and create strong banners for you, provide your affiliates with an easy affiliate system, let them feel that promoting your product is just a few easy steps away - cause everything is provided by you!

3. List Your Advantages Out Clearly, Explain Reasons to Promote If your sales letter converts sales excellently, tell them. If you have a high commission of 50%, let them know as well. Also, save their time doing the math, calculate it and tell them how much they can earn with your affiliate program.

Let's say 1 out of 5 people will purchase your $10 product and your affiliates are given 50% commission with every sale, then with 1000 subscribers they would earn $2500. Save your affiliate's time, and they'll be glad to work for you.

4. Hold Affiliate Contests Giving a great offer or bonus to the winning affiliate, or the outstanding affiliates you have gives them the motivation to continue generating profits from you!

Affiliate contests are very easy to be started and all you need is a bonus, a prize, or a gift - as easy as that. Of course, the more compelling your prize, the better it is.

5. Advertise It There are thousands and thousands of e-zine publishers out there. Try to get a deal done with them, offer higher commissions than what normal affiliates get. This is an effective way as subscribers usually have more trust with the publisher, being in his or her list. They'll be urged more into promoting a product since a third party is advising them to do so!

Apply these strategies to your affiliate program and you can expect a much better outcome. Advertise it far and wide, as well as listing more advantages of promoting your product than the others to people. When you can get people to nod their heads, you're very near to generating big profits.

About the author:

Mark Flavin Is An Expert On Making Money Online & All Work From Home Topics. Find Out How Mark Makes His Living Online At

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