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5 qualifications required to be a home buiness enterprenuer
By Purva Mewar



Lots of commonly presumed things,like education or capital may not be required to be a home business enterprenuer. Or to be a success at it. Its a fact that anybody can start to work at home and be successful home busienss enterprenuer. No formal qulification - no money.

But there is another side to the coin. Please don't mistake it for a `catch' or a hidden agenda because its nothing of the sort. I will try to put it as simply as possible. 5 basic requirements to a successful home business enterprenuer.

(1)Willing ness to work hard: Since its a new concept it requires you to learn new things. Be prepared to put in 110%.
(2)Willingness to be self-motivated: Nobody is going to spoonfeed you in internet business. Your team leader will always be willing to help but lease don't expect her/him to be at your beck and call. They'd certainly help, but they also ahve their own business to run. So there is a limit to everything. Best is to learn everything online.
Info is available online. FREE of cost. Read, absorb, execute, do to forums with yoru problems. There are may ways. Be a self starter. It will help you achieve success that much faster and you will be on your own sooner.
(3)Be disciplined and organized: Since one is working at home one tends to take it easy. Please fix your hours when you will not be disturbed at all by the family memebers, thus you can work with full concentration. There is too much to learn to be a home busienss enterprenuer, too much to achieve, too much success and money in store if you are willing to make good use of your time and take nothing for granted. casual attitude leads you nowhere in your regular 9-5 job either. Home business is no exception.
(4)This may sound like I am repeating myself but please treat it like I am trying to re-emphasize, that hard work is the key to success as a home busienss enterprenuer. In the beginning you will need to put in lot of hours to learn the skills and strategies. Since this whole things is so new and strange that you will need to be a self motivated person. Getting used to new terms, mew skills.. it can be very exciting, but you avhe to prepared and be able to see the bigger picture. That there is moeny at the end of it. there is success, satisfaction, convenience.. everything.
(5) Be aware and prepared: That you can't start generating income immediately after joining. Be prepared to work hard and smart first then will money come. Work actually comes first here. What ever work you put in shows, so no short cuts, no believing in promises like overniote riches and $5000 weekly etc. No that people are not making that kind of money but it has taken them time, effort and disclipined approach to the whole thing.

These are 5 basic points you have to stick to. And believe in one fact. That there is money and success at the end of it all. The feeling of security is something you have to experience... you can really really not ask for more. A home business enterprenuer is a dream job. Best of luck!

About the Author

The author is Purva Mewar, webmaster of two Work at Home Business websites and You are welcome to send her your queries related to home business

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