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5 Profitable Home Based Business Ideas
By Kent Thompson



Copyright 2005 Kent Thompson

The idea of a successful home based business can be your reality after you've determined that you have these qualties:

1) The ability to work alone 2) The ability to generate lots of ideas 3) And the patience to learn

After you've done your research on how to start your own home based business, you should be ready to be a home based business owner.

Here are 5 kinds of home based business ideas worth thinking about:

1) Open your own home based business as a bodywork/massage therapist: Check out the yellow pages and find out where you can learn to do massages. Sign-up and take the course, and then set up shop in some small corner in your home. You can make customers come by appointment only. The better you are, the higher the pay.

2) Desktop publishing home based business: Have you done the companys posters, banners and streamers? Do you love making business cards and newsletters on your computer? Put a sign out and announce that youre open for business.

3) Computer tutor home based business: You can teach young children, mothers and seniors whod like to be email savvy. Its all in the marketing of your home based business. For another fee, you can teach them the workings of the internet.

4) Pet sitter, baby sitter, or house sitter. Ask friends and family to refer you to mutual friends who need services of this nature. Youll do invaluable service and youre having fun. Whether your idea of fun is playing with and feeding animals, listening to the grandparents talk of their past, or watching the baby sleep, you'll really enjoy this home based business.

5) Technical writer home based business. Enroll at any of the reputable online institutes to learn the basics of technical writing. With a reliable pc and internet connection, you can earn a lot.

All these home based businesses are money-making ventures. Btu youve got to have a passion for your work and a willingness to innovate. You need to think ahead and plan. When you put your passion, commitment and dedication into it, you will reap the rewards of a home based business owner year after year.

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