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5 Great Ways To Advertise For Free
By Gena Biem



5 Easy Ways to Advertise for FREE

It doesn't take a genius to comprehend the fact that the majority of people who desire to earn money from home are people who already have very little money. Because of this many people who desire to run a small business from home automatically look towards FREE advertising to get their business going. Learning the ins and outs of free advertising can be somewhat tricky. It can take precious time to learn the best ways to do this, in the process you sometimes LOSE money because of not using your free advertising system properly.

When I first started to look for a way to work from home I had VERY little money for advertising. Because of this I had no choice but to use a free advertising system in order to get my business started. As it turns out there are MANY different ways to advertise for free online, the trick is finding the best ones. I made a ton of mistakes, but through my experience have learned what's necessary to know when attempting to run your own free advertising program.

Article Submission

1.One good way to advertise for free is to learn how to write articles. I was terrified of this idea at first, but now I actually prefer it to other types of advertising. The key is to write for humans as well as search engines. It's not at all difficult. Anyone who can write and read English can do this, even if you haven't written a single sentence before. Within a month you should be able to write interesting and attractive articles that grab attention. Be sure to take full advantage of your resource box, this is where your actual advertising comes from.

Give Something Away for Free

People all over the world love to get things for free. The number of times people search for free items every minute is astounding! When you give something away for free it is an instant attention grabber, as long as what you're giving away is worthwhile to people.

Free Classifieds

I don't mean for you to actually post free ads on free classified sites. Create your own free classified site. This is easy to do. For instance, you can sign up as a member with and get your own free classified site. Place YOUR OWN classified in the top few places and then advertise your Free classified site for others to place their ads. Every person who uses your classified site will see your ad.

Start up a newsletter

There are only advantages to starting your very own ezine. The main benefit being that you get your message/ad for your product read over and over again by your subscribers. You can send out mass mails without it being considered spamming, and you can easily maintain contact with prospects and customers.

Place free ezine ads

Most ezines give away free ads to new subscribers of their ezines. Since the ezines have been requested by their subscribers, this is another good place to start. Here are some E-ZINES listed:

The Free Directory of Ezines

A list of 500+ free ezines! E-zines and on-line newsletters publications Free Ezines Directory

Take some time to look into these different ways of advertising. While you learn more about each of them you will also run across some other great free ways to advertise your business. Just have a little patience and start with the one that interests you the most, make it a game instead of allowing it to feel like work!!

About the author:

Gena is a stay at home mom of four who makes money by creating FREE informational guides online. For more information visit this site :

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