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10 Reasons Why Your Web Site Isnít Getting the Results You Need.
By Stuart Johnstone



10 Reasons Why Your Web Site Isnít Getting the Results You Need...

By Stuart Johnstone

There can be numerous reasons why your web site getting the results you need,
but what Iíve tried to do here is list 10 fundamental issues which are
relatively easy to fix.

==>> 1) You donít accept Credit Card Orders.
Your web site must accept credit cards if you want to succeed online.
Approximately 90% or more of your customers will purchase by credit card, so
if you donít offer this facility you are ruling out 90% of your potential

These days people live on plastic, partly because itís convenient to use.
Donít make ordering inconvenient by not offering a credit card facility. If
someone has to get out of their chair and write a cheque etc then chances are
youíve lost them. Theyíll simply skip to the next site and use their card there.

==>> 2) You donít have Secure Online Ordering.
People are still a bit nervous about using their credit card online. Donít
get me wrong there are millions of people out there who order online with no
reservations, but there are still people who arenít 100% sure.

You must have a secure ordering facility otherwise you will loose every
potential customer who comes to your site. Would you type your credit card
number into a site which was not 100% safe?

==>> 3) You donít accept Offline Orders.
Make ordering as easy as possible, donít put any barriers in a customers way.
Offer the facility to order through various methods, as well as Online. You
should also accept Phone, Fax, and Postal orders.

Put your phone number on your web site. Have a printable order form on your
site which can be faxed or posted to you. Even include a Freepost address on
the form to make it that much easier.

Just because your business is online, it doesnít mean to say you canít have
offline facilities.

==>> 4) You donít have your Own Domain Name
If you donít have your own domain name you are loosing credibility. People
just wonít take your business seriously if itís hosted on a Free Domain.

Another downside is that most free domains put their own adverts at the top
of your site, and thereís nothing you can do to switch them off. The first
thing a customer will see when they visit your site will be adverts which are
nothing to do with your business. Itís hard enough trying to keep someone at
your web site without distracting them with other ads.

You can now buy domain names very cheaply. Itís well worth the small investment.

==>> 5) You donít have Quality Products or Services.
If you want long term success in any business, including the Internet, you
must provide quality products or services. This may seem obvious but youíd
be amazed at what you can find on the net!

Another thing to watch is that your product may already be of good quality,
but it is perceived to be poor. This can be caused by subtle things. You may
just need to add in some complimentary bonus products to complete the package,
or you may need to re-present you offer. If your product is great but the
presentation is poor, this will undoubtedly affect your sales.

Always answer the question ďwhatís in it for me?Ē (ďmeĒ as in your prospective

==>> 6) Your web site is Confusing, Shoddy, or Lacks Credibility.
Iíve seen some shoddy sites out there, and the first thing which springs into
my mind is lack of trust. If a site is poor and lacks credibility it will give
an impression of an amateur business, and immediately raise doubts about trusting
them with your hard earned money.

Another fault can be that the site looks sharp and professional, but is Confusing.
You must realise that people generally have a short attention span, and even more
so when they are online. Donít waste all that time, money and effort getting someone
to your site and then loose their business because they either couldnít figure out
what was going on, or couldnít figure out what to order because they were bombarded
with offers. Focus on one Key Product at a time, and then introduce others later.

==>> 7) You donít give any Incentive to Come Back to your site.
Give people a reason to come back to your site. Generally you will not secure a
sale when someone visits your site for the first time, so you need to give them
a reason to come back. That way you get further chances to offer them something.
You can prove your worth, build credibility, and hopefully receive an order at
some point during this process.

Why not give away something for Free such as an ebook, article, report, or links
to valuable tools etc.

==>> 8) You donít Follow Up your Prospective Customers.
As Iíve said elsewhere, generally people will not buy from you the first time
they visit your site. The best way round this is to get their email address and
follow up regularly.

This is where you can make the majority of your sales, and your fortune! Collect
your customers email address without fail when they visit your site, then contact
them regularly. It costs you nothing to send them an email (except maybe the cost
of your internet connection).

The good news is that you can get autoresponders which will do this for you if wish.
You can set them to send out different emails within different time periods, and they
look like theyíve been personally sent by you. A must for all those internet couch
potatoes out there!

==>> 9) You donít Constantly Update & Improve.
The Internet is always moving and changing, sometimes at a very fast pace. So you
need to keep up to date and make sure you always have that edge, or at the very
least so that you donít fall behind your competitors.

Watch out for new marketing methods and strategies. Have a look at what the most
successful sites are doing and learn from them. Keep an eye out for new trends.

Donít let your site or your business become stagnant, otherwise you run the danger
of your income following suit.

==>> 10) You donít Advertise Enough...or at All!
If you donít promote your site you wonít get any visitors. You could have the best
product and the most amazing web site in the world, but if no one knows itís there,
no one will come.

Loads of people throw up a web site and then think that people will automatically
come. They think that the internet is just swarming with people and that theyíre
bound to pass through their site just because itís there. Well, the internet ďisĒ
swarming with people, but you need to a) tell them your siteís there, and b) give
them a reason to visit. It needs to be a good enough reason to visit your site
rather than the thousandís of others out there.

Yours In Success,
Stuart Johnstone

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Stuart Johnstone Reveals the Secret Proven Methods used by Online Experts.

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